This is our weblog. I try to do an entry each week, giving an overview of what we've posted on eBay for the week. Sometimes I get on my soapbox and gripe about stuff - mostly eBay policies. Doesn't do any good, but it makes me feel better!

Our Items: 2020.10.14

Hello again - kind of a last minute blog entry this week. Hope everyone is staying safe and well. I’ve been pretty busy the past few weeks, attending to some amateur radio interests instead of stamp collection / selling. In fact, while we have 16 auctions closing tonight, there will be none next week

Tonight’s 16 auctions include some very nice mint never hinged early 20th century classics like Scott 584, 585, 586, 587-88, 589, etc. There are also three item listings for Nova Scotia never hinged pairs of Scott 8, 11, and 12. There are other nice mint issues to be had in tonight’s offerings, so take a look and see what you may need for your collection.

And of course, we do have quite a few nice stamps in our eBay non-auction store for your consideration.

Good luck with your bidding and have fun!

Our Items: 2020.09.30

Hey - last day of September. Maybe the upcoming month will start our California rainy season and put out those dang wildfires. It has been a horribly smokey summer and we’re sure looking forward to autumn.

Tonight beginning at 6:00 PDST we’ve got 19 stamp auctions coming to a close.  Lots of nice never hinged Washington/Franklin stamps from the 1922025 regular issue series. We’ve also got a few US possession stamps(Hawaii, Cuba) up for bid. So - take a look and see if there are a few items you might need for your collection.

Oh, by the way - we have a nice Scott 630 Mint Never Hinged souvenir sheet (catalog value $500) out there in our store - excellent condition!

Good luck and have fun.

Our Items: 2020.09.09

Hi folks - in case you missed last week’s blunder, I somehow dated the blog as 09/09, not 09/02. So, those items I described last week actually closed last week, not tonight. However, tonight we DO have several auctions coming to a close! There are 14 of ‘em, and they include both US classics and US possessions.

Six of those 14 are from the Philippines, and several don’t have any bids yet! One very interesting / unusual item in this category is the group of three mint never hinged sheetlets (and blocks of four) of a set that was printed for the Philippine government but because of a dispute with the printers, was never issued. This is item number 254707959299 on eBay.

In addition to those six P.I. stamps, you’ll find some very nice mint never hinged US regular issues: Washington-Franklins. And lastly is a complete mint never hinged set of the Huguenot-Walloon Issuse, Scott 614-616.

Good luck with your bidding, and don’t forget to look through our Buy-It-Now listings on eBay.

Our Items: 2020.02.02

Hi folks! At long last, August is over. I had hoped Mother Nature would have noticed and started giving us cooler weather and maybe even some rain showers. But I guess not. Still in the mid 90’s with some 100+ days forecast for the weekend. Plus some crummy, smokey skies from the many CA wild fires. Ughhh….

Tonight we’ve got 14 stamp auctions closing. Three of ‘em are for some nice Hawaiian stamps, including a never hinged Scott 61. The US stamps we’ve got include items like a mint Scott 236 (8¢ Columbian), never hinged Hudson Fulton (perf and imperf), never hinged Panama-Pacific, mint Parcel Post 1¢ and 3¢ issues, some Washington-Franklin never hinged imperfs, Scott 260 used, 423 used, and 478 used. And several others.

And as always, don’t forget to look in our eBay store for the non-auction stamps - we’ll consider any reasonable offer for those great items!

Good luck and stay safe out there.

Our Items: 2020.08.26

Less than an hour left - get your bids in!! At 6:00 this evening pacific time we’ve got 14 stamp auctions coming to a close.

Several Canal Zone / US possession items, one group of Cuba stamps, Guam Guard Mail, four groups of Hawaii stamps, and five listings of Never Hinged US classics! Nice stamps, and one still with no bids - go get ‘em!

Our Items: 2020.08.19

Greetings - welcome to our Wednesday blog entry. Been a really hot couple weeks here in the Folsom area - temperatures well over 100 degrees every day. Sure looking forward to autum and some relief from this stinking hot weather.

Tonight we’ve got five stamp auctions comint to a close. Nothing rare, just some nice quality offerings: Scott 275, 327, 287/289, 310, and 298 - all used stamps. We also added several more stamps to our Buy-It-Now area of the eBay store: Scott 336 (MNH), 261 (used), 218 (used), and several nice Danish West Indies (US Possession) stamps, including one diagonal half used as a 2¢ stamp - Scott 18a.

Take a look at those Buy-It-Now stamps - all in really nice condition and waiting for a new home. Make a reasonable offer and they are yours!

Our Items: 2020.08.02

Welcome to August - hottest month of the year for us in this part of the USA. The only saving grace (for me, anyway) is that August is followed by the cooler months - yippee!

Tonight we’ve got two stamp auctions closing. Yes, only two. A Scott Hawaii #39 used, and Scott 30/31a. More coming to a close on Wednesday night. As I’ve mentioned several times, the majority of our stock has been put into our eBay Buy-It-Now store. Take a look, make an offer! And there are a LOT of very nice stamps for you to choose from.

We’re branching out a little, and you’ll find not only US classics there, but also some stamps from the US Possessions: Hawaii, Canal Zone, Cuba, Danish West Indies, and Philippines. We’ve not put too many of them up there - kinda testing the market before spending time doing a bunch of listings.

Oh, and we’ll also have some nice Canada and Provences for you to choose from in the upcoming weeks. I purchased two big Scott Canada Specialized collections for my personal collecting and there are duplicates that will find their way into our eBay store. So if you collect Canada - stay tuned!

Our Items: 2020.07.29

Well, it is almost the end of July. Not a sparkling month for the inhabitants of this planet - still dealing with the Covid-19 crap and apparently we’ll be doing so for quite some time. Staying very safe here in our family - we don’t go into ANY retail establishments - everything is delivered or gotten via curbside pickup. And then all is thorougly sanitized before it enters our home. What a PITA, but necessary.

Tonight (Wednesday) we’ve got 15 stamp auctions coming to a close. Got several nice back of the book offerings for you, a mint complete set of the Famous Americans, mint complete set of the National Parks (perf and imperf together), couple mint Trans-Mississippi, mint Pan American Expo, Columbian Expo, Louisiana Purchase, and some very early 20th century mint regular issues. 

And…… I’ve added many nice stamps to our fixed price / buy-it-now eBay store. A few examples: Mint 10¢ Columbian, used 15 and 30 cent Columbians, mint Scott 252, never hinged Scott 248, never hinged 325, 326, and 327 Louisiana Purchase issues. Note that the Scott 326 stamp is a plate number single! As of this writing we’ve got 32 really nice stamps in this part of our eBay store. Take a look, make an offer. Or if you want to be sure of getting the stamp(s), just buy it on the spot.

Our Items: 2020.07.22

Hello and welcome to this week’s blog. Tonight (Wednesday) we have 10 stamp auctions coming to a close. All ten are 19th century classics and include the likes of Scott 11A, 26, 210 (NH), 220, 223, 225 and a couple nice mint Columbians. Nothing rare or real expensive - just some nice old stamps in good condition, waiting for a new home.

We also added several stamps to our Buy-It-Now area in our store, so take a look there and see if there might be something you want to make an offer on.

Stay safe!

Our Items: 2020.07.08

Greetings friends! Seems strange doing one of these blog entries on a Wednesday. Somehow I got off track and started scheduling auctions to close mid-week instead of Sunday evenings. If any of you have any preference, please let me know - doesn’t make much difference to me one way or the other. You can click on the “Home” link above and fill out the email “contact us” thingy on the left side of the page.

As you may have read or realized, I’ve started placing the majority of my stamps for sale in our eBay store in the “Fixed Price” area, rather than using auction format. Tonight there are eight stamp auctions coming to a close beginning around 6pm PT. Four of them are the 1869 pictorial issue, Scott 113, 114, 116, and 117. We’ve also got Scott 93 and 94 (“F” grill stamps), and two nice groups of Washington-Franklin issues.

Have fun with your bidding on those eight listings, and be sure to visit our eBay store and peruse our other stamps for sale. If you see something you like, grab it or make me an offer!

Our Items: 2020.06.28

Greeting my friends! Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Seems like forever that we’ve been out to any stores or restaurants. Truth be told, I’m getting pretty tired of cooking meals every stinking day!

Tonight we have ZERO auctions coming to a close. Yep, none, nada, zilch. If you’ve been following my posts or have looked at any of my items in the past couple weeks, you’ seen that I’m cutting way back on auctions for the time being. The stamps I put up were not generating a lot of bidders (a seasonal problem) and I wound up selling stamps for a lot less than what I paid for them. 

So, I’ve put a bunch of very nice stamps in our eBay “fixed price” / make me an offer store category. As of this writing, there are 17 stamps there, with catalog values ranging from $15 to almost $3,000. Most are 19th century classics, with a handful of Official stamps tossed in. You’ll find such nice stamps as Scott 97 (mint, with certificate), 116, 117, 119, 92, 134, 150, 151, 153, 159, 162, etc.

Our Items: 2020.06.21

Hello people - welcome to summer and happy fathres day!

If you’ve looked at our items for today youve seen that we only have five auctions coming to a close this evening and two still have no bids. As I have mentioned in the auction text, there hasn’t been a ton of bidding for my items this past month, even though the stamps I’ve listed are nice high-quality (VF or better) and catalog from $18 up to several hundred. I can’t afford to continue selling my stamps at a price less than what I paid for them. So, the majority of my stock will be found in our eBay store in the fixed-price / make offer area.

Anyway, tonight those five auctions are for: Scott 68, 113, 11A/26, O78, and 405-413 (mostly mint). Those last two have no bids, so my hope to recoup what I paid for them is slim.

Now, in our eBay store, you will find such nice items as Scott 578, 92, 24, 116, 117, 119, 22, 134, 35 (red cancel), O40 and O44. And don’t forget that mint Scott 97 (CV $2,800), with certificate. There will be many more added over the upcoming months. So, take a look - if there is something there you like - buy it outright before someone else snags it, or make me a reasonable offer…

Our Items: 2020.06.14

Just a heads-up to let you know that we’ve got 15 stamp auctions closing tonight on eBay. Two listings contain some of the Kansas-Nebraska overprint stamps, nearly all mint. There are two high-denomination stamps: Scott 479 ($2 Madison) and 480 ($5 Marshall), in addition to a nice Scott 460 ($1 Franklin). We’ve also got a used Scott 112, an E2, 208, and four Official stamps, including a 1¢ Justice Department stamp - Scott O25. One interesting listing is for a Scott 71, the orange 30¢ Franklin from 1861. That stamp has a catalog value of $210, but this example has a bold San Francisco Cogwheel type III cancel - very unusual and highly desirable.

Check them out and get your bids in before they close!

Our Items: May 2020

Hello folks - we hope all is well with you in these uncertain days. We’re doing fine here, bonding as a family and staying healthy. Great weather for the Memorial Day weekend - low 90’s today and then sliding up to a predicted 105 on Tuesday. Yikes!!

As you’ve probably noticed, the number of auctions we’ve been running has dropped quite a bit since the “good old days” back in 2019. As I’ve mentioned here and in my auctions, my main supplier of large US collections (Apfelbaum) has run out of stuff to buy. So I’ve been having to scrape up items in my various stock books here to offer. Well, I’ve recently found another supplier and made my first $2,000 purchase of some very nice US material. There are only 100 stamps in this lot, but they are all F-VF or better and very few faults, if any. In order to make this initial lot last a while, and to see how these stamps sell, I’m only going to offer them in small batches - anywhere from 10 - 15 stamps at a time. That will start with the stamps launching tonight and ending on the 31st.

Our Items: 2020.04.26

Well, another week, another 7 days at home. Could be worse. Better than going to the ER. Been there (not in 5 years), not fun.

Tonight, in about three hours, we’ve got 14 stamp auctions closing. Six are US Internal Revenue issues, the other eight are US classics. What you’ll find in that area are offerings like Scott 323 - 327 (complete set), Scott 205 & 216, Scott 310, 311, 300-309, 258 & 259, and a Scott 63.

We’ve still not been able to find a stable supply of large collections / accumulations to purchase, so our weekly stamp auctions are looking meager. You’d think that there would be folks trying to get some extra money in their pockets with most businesses closed, but it looks like stamp collections are being held on to! Anyway, we’ll try to keep selling weekly items as long as our dwindling stock holds out.

We do have a Scott 2018 US Specialized catalog up for bid this week - it’ll close later in the week.

Also, don’t forget to take a peek at the two expertized stamps we’ve got in our fixed price store: Scott 97 (unused, OG) and Scott 100 (used). Both are in very nice condition and have certificates of expertization with them.

Our Items: May 2020

Again, another week in lock down - ughhh. I hope this gets past us soon - quite tiring, to say the least.

Well, tonight we’ve got 21 stamp auctions coming to a close, beginning around 6pm Pacific time. This week we have a mix of 19th and 20th century offerings. No back of the book stamps this week. There are several listings for the 3-cent Washington issues from the 1850’s, some Pan American Expo stamps, Trans-Miss up to the 50¢ value, some of the 1894 regular issues, a Scott 63, Scott 228, and a group of high-denomination used stamps, ranging from $1 up to $5 in face value. Take a look - worth you time, I think

We also have two stamp-related auctions up for bid that will end mid-week: a 2017 Scott US Specialized catalog and a stack of 106 black stock pages of various styles.

So, that’s the news here - good luck with your bidding and again, stay safe!

Our Items: 2020.04.12

Greetings my friends, and Happy Easter. I hope that you are well and that virus thing is keep ing away from you and your family. My kids have been home fot the past month, with me as their teacher. My wife has been working from home (telecommuting) in a temporary office. Strange to have all of us together 24x7 for a month. And it’ll probably be another month before there is any change. 

Anyway, we’ve got 17 stamp auctions closing this evening. Most are 19th century US classics, but there are also a handful of US Internal Revenue issues up for bid. Amonthe the stuff you’ll find are Scott 97 (F-grill), 78, 63, 9, 76, 314 (NH with Schermack perfs), 217, 134 & 135 (grilled Banknote issues), and many others.

So, stay inside, stay away from other folks for now, and have a blast bidding on stamps for your collection!

April Rant - Bad Buyer - Beware

No, this is not an April Fools blog post, but I wish it was. Yesterday I got a negative feedback from a buyer. I’ve been selling on eBay for over 20 years - this is the first one. And I want to explain my side of the story, as one is only allowed to put 80 characters into a feedback response.

Several weeks ago I had a buyer purchase a stamp item from me for less than four dollars. As usual, I only charged $1.25 shipping. After all, who would be willing to pay me $3.15 shipping on a $4 item? And I certainly would not offer free shipping on something like that, just for the purpose of getting a tracking number. His stamp was mailed out the next morning, as I do with all my purchases.

Well, apparently the good old US Post Office managed to loose the envelope. Ten days go by and I get a really, really rude message from this buyer, laced with profanities and telling me that I had crappy service. Unbelievable. So, I immediately refunded his purchase price and shipping fee. With rude swearing like that, this is the last guy I’d want as a customer, so I blocked him. The next day I get a really long message from him, again with profanities, calling me and some others “half-assed” sellers. And - he made several threats to me. Interestingly, I am not the only seller who has blocked him.

Our Items: 2020:03.29

Hello fellow collectors! It’s been nearly a month since my last blog entry. Sorry about that - laziness strikes again. Well, we are all in good health, stuck in our homes for the past two weeks. It’s been an “interesting” two weeks. Previously my days were spent doing eBay work, some ham radio operating, and a little woodworking in my garage/shop. When the schools all closed two weeks ago, I also took on the title of substitute teacher, doing the remote learning thing with our two boys. Not a whole lot of time for the other things now.

But tonight I do have 16 stamp auctions closing. Starting with a nice Scott 119, then a 112, a 91, 89, 78b, a mint lightly hinged 2¢ Trans Mississippi  - Scott 286, and a used Scott 187. There are also a handful of Internal Revenue issues to be had - Match Stamps, Proprietary Stamps, a few War Savings Stamps, and Postal Savings Stamps. Nothing rare, but a nice, varied assortment of stuff you might find interesting.

One other thing…… one buyer complained that I “over graded” my stuff. Well, I’ve been going by what several large stamp sales houses have been doing, and they do not necessarily fall in line with what is in the Scott catalog. Kinda like the Scott catalog values, perhaps. Anyway, I think that starting next week I will no longer “grade” the stamps I offer. After all, I supply photos of front and back of every stamp I offer. If you can’t make up your own mind as to what grade it is based on looking at it, then I don't know what to tell you. Or him. There, I got that off my chest!!

Our Items: 2020.03.08

Welcome to this week’s blog entry from your favorite Internet stamp dealer! Well I hope so, anyway. :-)

This evening we’ve got 33 stamp auctions coming to an end and one non-functioning Apple 27” iMac computer. The stamp offerings include a handful of US Internal Revenue Proprietary Match stamps, two Scott-listed Christmas Seals (WX6 and WX7), and a nice never hinged strip of three of Scott RD30 - the green Stock Transfer Documentary stamp. Catalog value for this strip runs at least $180, as each single is $60. 

In addition to those back of the book stamps, you’ll find nice “large” banknote issues like Scott 160, 161, 162, 152, 165, etc. Quite a few nice earlier ones, too - like Scott 9, 20, 33 92 (F-grill), 86 (E-grill), 87 (E-grill), 77, 78, 73, and 24.

If you like messing with inoperative computers, that Apple iMac is right up your alley. Worked fine for me for several years then one day it simply gives me a white screen. Tried lots of things to get it going, but finally gave up. If you plan on trying to get it going you’ll need your own 2.5” hard drive or SSD. I took mine out in hopes I could recover the data on it but no luck there, either. Other than the fact that it doesn’t work, it is in super shape!