This is our weblog. I try to do an entry each week, giving an overview of what we've posted on eBay for the week. Sometimes I get on my soapbox and gripe about stuff - mostly eBay policies. Doesn't do any good, but it makes me feel better!

Our Items: 2021.09.20

OK - I posted several auctions on eBay. Surprisingly, none of them attracted any bidders! I had put a couple groups of old foreign stamps up there - nice ones, none faulty. Well, they have been re-listed. Take a look - there are some really nice old issues there. I also put a group of all British Commonwealth stamps up for bid, too. They close tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon. So far no bids. What the heck is going on? Again, these are nice, old, desirable stamps.

I also put up three auctions of that big batch of fancy cancels. One is for a Scott 63, one for two Scott 65, and one auction for a Scott  71. All three are stamps with “PAID” cancels. Thankfully, there is at least one bid on those stamps.

So, go take a look - I think you’ll find my current seven auctions to be well worth bidding on!!!

Our Items: 2021.09.10

Hi everyone! I’m back - kinda. Bought a house in the little city of Eagle, Idaho and moved in on July 15. Spent the next several weeks unpacking boxes, doing interior decorating, unpacking more boxes - whew - what a lot of crud to do!

Then, I started trying to prepare for getting my ham radio station back on the air. We’re not allowed to have any outside antennas in this subdevelopment but we can have flagpoles. So I bought a “flagpole antenna”. It is pretty heavy duty and requires a hole 12” wide by 48” deep. I was in the middle of digging that hole when - boom - major heart attack. Spent four days in the ICU, and am now home recovering. Still need a walker and wheel chair to get around. It sucks getting old, but I saw first hand what the alternative is, and I didn’t like that one bit.

I will be posting some stamps in the next couple days. I purchased a $9,000 collection of really nice fancy cancels. Should arrive by next week and it’ll take me some time to break it down into smaller lots. But if you are into mid 19th century stamps with fancy cancels, railway cancels, steamship cancels, NYFMs - stay tuned!

Our Items: 2021.01.20

Greetings my friends. Didn’t get a posting out last week, as we are very busy packing & purging. Why? Well, we’ve decided to get out of California before they put up a fence to keep folks from leaving. We’re heading up to the Boise, Idaho region in a few months. Not exactly sure where yet - we’ll see when we get there. Pretty exciting to be selling a house, packing up all our belongings, and have no idea where we will be living!!! It’ll all work out though.

As you can see, we have only a few auctions closing tonight. I did not want to invest in a lot of new inventory when I knew I’d be spending my time packing up for the move. So, I do have a few things to offer - some stamps and some other things. Rest assured, after we’re moved into a new place in Idaho I’ll be back with lots more stamps on eBay. In the mean time, I’ll try to keep a couple stamp auctions running each week.

Tonight there are two stamps closing: a Scott 118 and a Scott 95. Both have certificates of expertization. There are three other items closing tonight, all are woodworking tools, primarily used for turning pens on a wood lathe.

Our Items: 2021.01.06

Hi all and welcome to 2021’s first posting. Hope you had happy holidays in spite of that crappy corona virus. No parties here - first time in 10 years that we did not have or attend a New Years Eve party.

Well, tonight we have a whopping ONE auction coming to a close, and it has nothing to do with stamps. It is a Sound Blaster audio “card” for your computer. Had it sold last week, but after the auction closed, the buyer flaked out and decided he didn’t want it after winning the auction. So, back on the eBay block it went.

But… tonight we do have 11 stamp auctions that will be launched starting around 6pm Pacific Time. Here is what will be listed tonight: Scott 11, 187, 155 163, 86, 120 (with certificate), 393, 394, 20, some revenue / back of the book issues, and a pair of souvenir stamps from the 1939 Tulsa, OK International Philatelic Exhibition.

Our Items: 2020.12.16

Hi all. Wow - only a little more than a week and it’ll be Christmas! Time flies when you are cooped up all day because of that stupid virus. Well not really.

But… tonight we’ve got 17 stamp auctions coming to a close. And I might add - there are some very choice stamps to be had. A sampling of what you’ll find: Scott 9, 15, 24, 118 (yes, the $800 Type I stamp!), 86, 96, 20, 291, 137 (H-grill), and 75 (with expertization certificate). There are lots more - take a look and see what you can grab for your collection.

Have fun bidding and stay safe!

Our Items: 2017.09.24

Hello - welcome to this week’s blog entry. A bit late, I will admit. Been busy getting next week’s stamp auctions ready for tonight’s launch into eBay. Also, our weather has been splendid this past week and it afforded me the opportunity to do some woodworking projects in the garage. Summers are too hot, winters are cold and damp. So, I’ve only got limited time to do my other hobby out there and feel comfortable!

Tonight we’ve got 18 stamp auctions closing, beginnign around 6:00 pacific time. Most are 19th century issues and include juicy items like Scott 37a, 36, 71, 69, 78, 96, 98, 115, and many others. We have a used Scott 68 and a mint no gum Scott 68 included, too. You will find a very nice mint never hinged Scott 285 and a lightly hinged Scott 327. And, as mentioned last week, another back of the book offering. This time it is a really nicely centered Scott E7.

If you are back there on the east coast - stay safe and dry - those darn hurricanes just don’t seem to give up! Good luck with your bidding, no matter where you live.

Our Items: 2017.09.15

Greetings fellow collectors! Hope everyone is doing OK and those in the hurricane-affected areas of the US are getting things back to normal. I know there are a LOT of folks doing without commercial power - not a lot of fun in the deep south - I can attest to that. My first two years in SW Florida back in the early 70’s were spent in a house with no heat, no air conditioning. Ugly in the summer.

Well, this week we have 14 stamp auctions coming to a close on Sunday evening. All are 19th century classics. Some highlights: Scott 72, 36, 121, 71, 86, and 69. Got a few mint Columbians and a group of three nice, used Scott 65’s.

Next week as usual you’ll see a bunch of 19th century classics in addition to two 20th century issues: Scott 285 (MNH) and 327 (MLH). There is also a back of the book entry - Scott E7, very, very nicely centered. In the up coming weeks there will be a few other back of the book stamps included in our auctions - we’ll have Scott C1 through C6 and the “baby Zepp” - C18. There will also be an occasional early 20th century classic for your bidding pleasure.