Our Items: 2017.09.15

Greetings fellow collectors! Hope everyone is doing OK and those in the hurricane-affected areas of the US are getting things back to normal. I know there are a LOT of folks doing without commercial power - not a lot of fun in the deep south - I can attest to that. My first two years in SW Florida back in the early 70’s were spent in a house with no heat, no air conditioning. Ugly in the summer.

Well, this week we have 14 stamp auctions coming to a close on Sunday evening. All are 19th century classics. Some highlights: Scott 72, 36, 121, 71, 86, and 69. Got a few mint Columbians and a group of three nice, used Scott 65’s.

Next week as usual you’ll see a bunch of 19th century classics in addition to two 20th century issues: Scott 285 (MNH) and 327 (MLH). There is also a back of the book entry - Scott E7, very, very nicely centered. In the up coming weeks there will be a few other back of the book stamps included in our auctions - we’ll have Scott C1 through C6 and the “baby Zepp” - C18. There will also be an occasional early 20th century classic for your bidding pleasure.

In the mean time - enjoy the 14 we have this week, and enjoy the early autumn.