Our Items: 2020.04.12

Greetings my friends, and Happy Easter. I hope that you are well and that virus thing is keep ing away from you and your family. My kids have been home fot the past month, with me as their teacher. My wife has been working from home (telecommuting) in a temporary office. Strange to have all of us together 24x7 for a month. And it’ll probably be another month before there is any change. 

Anyway, we’ve got 17 stamp auctions closing this evening. Most are 19th century US classics, but there are also a handful of US Internal Revenue issues up for bid. Amonthe the stuff you’ll find are Scott 97 (F-grill), 78, 63, 9, 76, 314 (NH with Schermack perfs), 217, 134 & 135 (grilled Banknote issues), and many others.

So, stay inside, stay away from other folks for now, and have a blast bidding on stamps for your collection!