Our Items: 2020.09.09

Hi folks - in case you missed last week’s blunder, I somehow dated the blog as 09/09, not 09/02. So, those items I described last week actually closed last week, not tonight. However, tonight we DO have several auctions coming to a close! There are 14 of ‘em, and they include both US classics and US possessions.

Six of those 14 are from the Philippines, and several don’t have any bids yet! One very interesting / unusual item in this category is the group of three mint never hinged sheetlets (and blocks of four) of a set that was printed for the Philippine government but because of a dispute with the printers, was never issued. This is item number 254707959299 on eBay.

In addition to those six P.I. stamps, you’ll find some very nice mint never hinged US regular issues: Washington-Franklins. And lastly is a complete mint never hinged set of the Huguenot-Walloon Issuse, Scott 614-616.

Good luck with your bidding, and don’t forget to look through our Buy-It-Now listings on eBay.