Our Items: 2020.03.08

Welcome to this week’s blog entry from your favorite Internet stamp dealer! Well I hope so, anyway. :-)

This evening we’ve got 33 stamp auctions coming to an end and one non-functioning Apple 27” iMac computer. The stamp offerings include a handful of US Internal Revenue Proprietary Match stamps, two Scott-listed Christmas Seals (WX6 and WX7), and a nice never hinged strip of three of Scott RD30 - the green Stock Transfer Documentary stamp. Catalog value for this strip runs at least $180, as each single is $60. 

In addition to those back of the book stamps, you’ll find nice “large” banknote issues like Scott 160, 161, 162, 152, 165, etc. Quite a few nice earlier ones, too - like Scott 9, 20, 33 92 (F-grill), 86 (E-grill), 87 (E-grill), 77, 78, 73, and 24.

If you like messing with inoperative computers, that Apple iMac is right up your alley. Worked fine for me for several years then one day it simply gives me a white screen. Tried lots of things to get it going, but finally gave up. If you plan on trying to get it going you’ll need your own 2.5” hard drive or SSD. I took mine out in hopes I could recover the data on it but no luck there, either. Other than the fact that it doesn’t work, it is in super shape!

So - good luck with your bidding and enjoy what you win.