Our Items: 2020:03.29

Hello fellow collectors! It’s been nearly a month since my last blog entry. Sorry about that - laziness strikes again. Well, we are all in good health, stuck in our homes for the past two weeks. It’s been an “interesting” two weeks. Previously my days were spent doing eBay work, some ham radio operating, and a little woodworking in my garage/shop. When the schools all closed two weeks ago, I also took on the title of substitute teacher, doing the remote learning thing with our two boys. Not a whole lot of time for the other things now.

But tonight I do have 16 stamp auctions closing. Starting with a nice Scott 119, then a 112, a 91, 89, 78b, a mint lightly hinged 2¢ Trans Mississippi  - Scott 286, and a used Scott 187. There are also a handful of Internal Revenue issues to be had - Match Stamps, Proprietary Stamps, a few War Savings Stamps, and Postal Savings Stamps. Nothing rare, but a nice, varied assortment of stuff you might find interesting.

One other thing…… one buyer complained that I “over graded” my stuff. Well, I’ve been going by what several large stamp sales houses have been doing, and they do not necessarily fall in line with what is in the Scott catalog. Kinda like the Scott catalog values, perhaps. Anyway, I think that starting next week I will no longer “grade” the stamps I offer. After all, I supply photos of front and back of every stamp I offer. If you can’t make up your own mind as to what grade it is based on looking at it, then I don't know what to tell you. Or him. There, I got that off my chest!!

My stamp stock is starting to get low. I’ve got enough for a few more weeks, but then the well will run dry. My favorite wholesaler dosen’t seem to have much new stock, either. And I can’t afford to plunk down $25,000 for the remaining few lots that they do have. So, if one of these weeks you see no more auctions from me, it isn’t because I’ve bit the dust from the virus or gone out of business. It just means that I’m temporarily out of stock and will return when I get some.