Our Items: 2020.04.26

Well, another week, another 7 days at home. Could be worse. Better than going to the ER. Been there (not in 5 years), not fun.

Tonight, in about three hours, we’ve got 14 stamp auctions closing. Six are US Internal Revenue issues, the other eight are US classics. What you’ll find in that area are offerings like Scott 323 - 327 (complete set), Scott 205 & 216, Scott 310, 311, 300-309, 258 & 259, and a Scott 63.

We’ve still not been able to find a stable supply of large collections / accumulations to purchase, so our weekly stamp auctions are looking meager. You’d think that there would be folks trying to get some extra money in their pockets with most businesses closed, but it looks like stamp collections are being held on to! Anyway, we’ll try to keep selling weekly items as long as our dwindling stock holds out.

We do have a Scott 2018 US Specialized catalog up for bid this week - it’ll close later in the week.

Also, don’t forget to take a peek at the two expertized stamps we’ve got in our fixed price store: Scott 97 (unused, OG) and Scott 100 (used). Both are in very nice condition and have certificates of expertization with them.

Good luck bidding and stay safe!