Our Items: May 2020

Hello folks - we hope all is well with you in these uncertain days. We’re doing fine here, bonding as a family and staying healthy. Great weather for the Memorial Day weekend - low 90’s today and then sliding up to a predicted 105 on Tuesday. Yikes!!

As you’ve probably noticed, the number of auctions we’ve been running has dropped quite a bit since the “good old days” back in 2019. As I’ve mentioned here and in my auctions, my main supplier of large US collections (Apfelbaum) has run out of stuff to buy. So I’ve been having to scrape up items in my various stock books here to offer. Well, I’ve recently found another supplier and made my first $2,000 purchase of some very nice US material. There are only 100 stamps in this lot, but they are all F-VF or better and very few faults, if any. In order to make this initial lot last a while, and to see how these stamps sell, I’m only going to offer them in small batches - anywhere from 10 - 15 stamps at a time. That will start with the stamps launching tonight and ending on the 31st.

For the stamps closing tonight, you will find a variety of stuff - Scott 25, 547, a group of used Parcel Post, and some nice used early 20th century commemoratives.

Good luck with your bidding and thanks for the previous purchases.