Our Items: 2020.07.29

Well, it is almost the end of July. Not a sparkling month for the inhabitants of this planet - still dealing with the Covid-19 crap and apparently we’ll be doing so for quite some time. Staying very safe here in our family - we don’t go into ANY retail establishments - everything is delivered or gotten via curbside pickup. And then all is thorougly sanitized before it enters our home. What a PITA, but necessary.

Tonight (Wednesday) we’ve got 15 stamp auctions coming to a close. Got several nice back of the book offerings for you, a mint complete set of the Famous Americans, mint complete set of the National Parks (perf and imperf together), couple mint Trans-Mississippi, mint Pan American Expo, Columbian Expo, Louisiana Purchase, and some very early 20th century mint regular issues. 

And…… I’ve added many nice stamps to our fixed price / buy-it-now eBay store. A few examples: Mint 10¢ Columbian, used 15 and 30 cent Columbians, mint Scott 252, never hinged Scott 248, never hinged 325, 326, and 327 Louisiana Purchase issues. Note that the Scott 326 stamp is a plate number single! As of this writing we’ve got 32 really nice stamps in this part of our eBay store. Take a look, make an offer. Or if you want to be sure of getting the stamp(s), just buy it on the spot.

Have fun and stay safe out there.