Our Items: 2020.08.02

Welcome to August - hottest month of the year for us in this part of the USA. The only saving grace (for me, anyway) is that August is followed by the cooler months - yippee!

Tonight we’ve got two stamp auctions closing. Yes, only two. A Scott Hawaii #39 used, and Scott 30/31a. More coming to a close on Wednesday night. As I’ve mentioned several times, the majority of our stock has been put into our eBay Buy-It-Now store. Take a look, make an offer! And there are a LOT of very nice stamps for you to choose from.

We’re branching out a little, and you’ll find not only US classics there, but also some stamps from the US Possessions: Hawaii, Canal Zone, Cuba, Danish West Indies, and Philippines. We’ve not put too many of them up there - kinda testing the market before spending time doing a bunch of listings.

Oh, and we’ll also have some nice Canada and Provences for you to choose from in the upcoming weeks. I purchased two big Scott Canada Specialized collections for my personal collecting and there are duplicates that will find their way into our eBay store. So if you collect Canada - stay tuned!

Good luck and thanks for bidding/buying from us. Stay safe!