Our Items: 2020.08.19

Greetings - welcome to our Wednesday blog entry. Been a really hot couple weeks here in the Folsom area - temperatures well over 100 degrees every day. Sure looking forward to autum and some relief from this stinking hot weather.

Tonight we’ve got five stamp auctions comint to a close. Nothing rare, just some nice quality offerings: Scott 275, 327, 287/289, 310, and 298 - all used stamps. We also added several more stamps to our Buy-It-Now area of the eBay store: Scott 336 (MNH), 261 (used), 218 (used), and several nice Danish West Indies (US Possession) stamps, including one diagonal half used as a 2¢ stamp - Scott 18a.

Take a look at those Buy-It-Now stamps - all in really nice condition and waiting for a new home. Make a reasonable offer and they are yours!