Our Items: 2021.01.06

Hi all and welcome to 2021’s first posting. Hope you had happy holidays in spite of that crappy corona virus. No parties here - first time in 10 years that we did not have or attend a New Years Eve party.

Well, tonight we have a whopping ONE auction coming to a close, and it has nothing to do with stamps. It is a Sound Blaster audio “card” for your computer. Had it sold last week, but after the auction closed, the buyer flaked out and decided he didn’t want it after winning the auction. So, back on the eBay block it went.

But… tonight we do have 11 stamp auctions that will be launched starting around 6pm Pacific Time. Here is what will be listed tonight: Scott 11, 187, 155 163, 86, 120 (with certificate), 393, 394, 20, some revenue / back of the book issues, and a pair of souvenir stamps from the 1939 Tulsa, OK International Philatelic Exhibition.