Our Items: 2021.01.20

Greetings my friends. Didn’t get a posting out last week, as we are very busy packing & purging. Why? Well, we’ve decided to get out of California before they put up a fence to keep folks from leaving. We’re heading up to the Boise, Idaho region in a few months. Not exactly sure where yet - we’ll see when we get there. Pretty exciting to be selling a house, packing up all our belongings, and have no idea where we will be living!!! It’ll all work out though.

As you can see, we have only a few auctions closing tonight. I did not want to invest in a lot of new inventory when I knew I’d be spending my time packing up for the move. So, I do have a few things to offer - some stamps and some other things. Rest assured, after we’re moved into a new place in Idaho I’ll be back with lots more stamps on eBay. In the mean time, I’ll try to keep a couple stamp auctions running each week.

Tonight there are two stamps closing: a Scott 118 and a Scott 95. Both have certificates of expertization. There are three other items closing tonight, all are woodworking tools, primarily used for turning pens on a wood lathe.

I’ve also got my dad’s old shortwave radio receiver up for bids, but it doesn’t close for five more days. It only partially works and is in need of some work, both cosmetically and internally.