Our Items: 2021.09.10

Hi everyone! I’m back - kinda. Bought a house in the little city of Eagle, Idaho and moved in on July 15. Spent the next several weeks unpacking boxes, doing interior decorating, unpacking more boxes - whew - what a lot of crud to do!

Then, I started trying to prepare for getting my ham radio station back on the air. We’re not allowed to have any outside antennas in this subdevelopment but we can have flagpoles. So I bought a “flagpole antenna”. It is pretty heavy duty and requires a hole 12” wide by 48” deep. I was in the middle of digging that hole when - boom - major heart attack. Spent four days in the ICU, and am now home recovering. Still need a walker and wheel chair to get around. It sucks getting old, but I saw first hand what the alternative is, and I didn’t like that one bit.

I will be posting some stamps in the next couple days. I purchased a $9,000 collection of really nice fancy cancels. Should arrive by next week and it’ll take me some time to break it down into smaller lots. But if you are into mid 19th century stamps with fancy cancels, railway cancels, steamship cancels, NYFMs - stay tuned!

In the mean time I came across a large box of very old, off-paper foreign stamps and plan on putting them up in nice lots of 50 or so. 

Thats it for now - take care.